Hay Export Crash in Q4

Hay exports decreased 17% in Q4 of 2022 compared to the same period in 2021. This represents a loss of 180,000 metric tons. Losses were driven by unfavorable exchange rates.

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Alfalfa hay exports fell 12.5%, down 89,000 metric tons. While these results are unfavorable, the domestic market can absorb the shortfall without significant disruption.

Alfalfa Hay Exports Trade

Grass hay exports fell 27.3% in Q4, down 92,000 metric tons. This comes following poor export sales in Q3, down 53,000 metric tons or 18%. The grass hay market is significantly smaller than the alfalfa market. An additional 145,000 tons of unshipped grass hay is substantial and will cause a drastic correction in 2023.  

Other Grass Hay Exports Trade

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